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If ​we're being perfectly honest, it all started with a crappy cup of coffee. 

I'd woken up early for a business meeting, and dashed out the door with just enough time to stop for a cup of coffee.

I pulled into the drive-thru line, waited ages, paid for my drink and hit the road. When I finally took the first sip, it was scalding, too sweet, and the milk was completely burned. The coffee I'd just paid $6 for was undrinkable.

I made it through my meeting, disappointed and under-caffeinated. But when I walked through the door at the end of that day—I was still fuming about that bad cup of coffee.

It turns out that nothing can ruin a morning quite like a bad cup of coffee.

I began venting about how tired I was of that chain coffee shop, the overpriced drinks, and feeling like I was cattle being corralled through the drive-thru line.


Suddenly it hit me: our town deserves better than this. And that evening a dream was born.


A place that offers convenience without sacrificing service.


A business that honors our military and first responders every single day.



A shop that gives back to our local community.

A cozy coffee shop nestled in the community we love, serving locally-roasted coffee with a smile.​

At Major Perk, we're about more than just coffee.


As a family of veteran and active military members, we're committed to serving the community that we're lucky enough to be part of.


That's why we give back to local non-profits through monthly and quarterly giving initiatives.

It's also why we're proud to provide a free cup of coffee to uniformed military personnel and first responders in our community. Every day. No limits, and no strings attached. 

Whether you're driving the kids to school, or catching up with an old friend, our mission is to provide unbeatable coffee and food that makes you feel at home.

Swing by our drive-thru or stop in for a drink and a friendly smile. We look forward to getting to know you!

To good coffee and the community we share it with,

— Bret & Rachael Watson

Owners & Founders, Major Perk

Major Perk About Us
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Proudly serving coffee exclusively roasted by Veteran Coffee Roasters

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